Friday, March 31, 2006

it is finished.....

THE CHAMP is done!!!! We are making the master print tomorrow and taking that to a duplicating house to make DVD's. Big ups to LANDON WILLIAMS for amazing color correction, ARAM MANDOSSIAN for a epic soundtrack, NABEEL ABUL-ELA for terrific sound design (and the most hillarious boxing related foley session in short film history), and ofcourse HONOR STUDENT for cutting together a great story. We will be contacting everyone and possibly scheduling a screening soon.... as of now THE CHAMP has been submitted to 3 major film festivals so keep your fingers crossed.

In other news, MARCO KHAN (aka THE BRUTE) will be packing his bags, saddling up, and getting his CAVEMAN on in the huge epic 10,000 B.C.. 17 weeks on location in New Zealand and South Africa. NOT quite as luxurious as 3 nights in Santa Clarita, but I guess you got to take what you can get. Great job Marco... we wish you the best.